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Build-it-Yourself Mechanical Safe



The Build-it-Yourself Mechanical Safe is the perfect DIY project to stimulate young minds!

Even if you don’t have expensive things and lots of money to hide away, you may still possess a few things that are important enough to you to hide away in a safe.  The Build-it-Yourself Mechanical Safe comes as a kit with 179 pieces that are scored and ready for you to punch out and put together. Once assembled you have yourself a fully functional security safe to store your valuables.  If you live in a dorm, have roommates or children or work in a large office building the mechanical safe will come in useful to store your valuables away from prying hands.  The safe is made from premium grade plywood and is a fun project that requires no tools except maybe a craft knife and a small hammer to help things fit together easily.  Great project for young ones to enjoy with adult supervision to help them to understand instruction and provide the strength necessary to assemble the pieces.

The Cost? $54.99


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