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Hands-Free Shoulder Umbrella

Hands-Free Shoulder Umbrella

Hands-Free Shoulder Umbrella

This Hands-Free Shoulder Umbrella Keeps Your Hands Free While Shielding You From the Elements!

Let’s face it, it’s no fun holding an umbrella to protect yourself from getting wet and having to perform other chores at the same time.  This Wearable hands-free shoulder umbrella solves that problem by keeping your hands free while protecting you from the elements at the same time.  It features a UVA-resistant umbrella equipped with an angle adjustment, back plate adjustment, and umbrella mounting nut that connects to a padded shoulder strap that are easy to adjust and fasten.  Its strong and lightweight making it perfect for people who are on the go and require the use of both arms to perform other tasks while shielding from the sun or rain.
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