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Verifi Fast Access Biometric Smart Safe



Verifi Fast Access Biometric Smart Safe uses Biometric Technology to keep your valuables safe!

Keep your valuables safe and prevent unauthorized access with the Verifi Fast Access Biometric Smart Safe.  Keys and codes used in traditional safes are antiquated and unsafe.  With Biometric technology no one will gain access to your valuables without your fingerprint.  The Smart Safe FBI certified silicon sensor employs a 3-D imaging system to generate detailed fingerprint images.  This premium sensor used by the DOD, DHS and other government agencies is now available in Verifi Smart Safe to protect the things you cherish. Unlike traditional safes that rely on special keys, codes  and optical sensors that are easily fooled and compromised, the smart safe protects your possessions using the one thing that thieves cannot duplicate your Biometric information.  No need to recheck whether you locked the Smart Safe, the unique AutoLock technology senses when the door is closed and automatically locks the safe for you.  After each use, the Smart Safe performs a thorough self-diagnostic process with the results displayed on the built in LCD display which also shows battery level.  This self-diagnostic process checks the safe regularly and alerts you to any problem.  Designed in the USA by Zvetco Biometric an industry leader in Biometric products and made of 100% solid steel with 2 motor actuated locking bolts. Measures 13” width x 9.5” depth x 7.3” height.

The Cost? $325.00


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