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Kinkajou Bottle Cutter



The Kinkajou bottle cutter turns your bottles into glassware and more!

Don’t you wish you can turn your favorite wine bottle into a drinking glass? But how do you remove the bottle spout? The Kinkajou bottle cutter is the perfect tool to recycle your bottles by converting them into drinking glasses.  Designed to cut glass bottles from 43mm-102mm, the Kinkajou bottle cutter makes clean score lines that is essential for a clean glass separation.  Turn any bottle into personalized glassware, lamps, vases, candle holder and more.  Ideal for the etsy entrepreneur, the bottle cutter allows you to recycle your favorite bottles into items you can use around the home.  One blade cuts over 200 times and the included sandpaper helps you to finish your bottle edges to perfection.

The Cost? $49.99


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