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Mountain Dew Scented Candles



Mountain Dew Scented Candles is an Interesting Twist on Scented Candles!

What a great way to enjoy the scent of Mountain Dew by burning the Mountain Dew scented candles.  When you light this amazing Mountain Dew candle it will fill your living space with the aroma of Mountain Dew.  Now instead of tasting the soda, you can enjoy the scent as well by using these candles. Made of 100% soy wax and hand-poured into an actual recycled Mountain Dew can, the scent is exactly like the real thing.  If you prefer other soda scents like Pepsi, you can choose from over 40 other scents.  The recycled soda can have smooth edges so there is no danger of being cut by the exposed can.  Each candle has a 40-hour burn time which is more than enough to fill your home with the amazing aroma of your favorite soda drink.
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