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Human Remains Composting

Human Remains Composting

Human Remains Composting

Human Remains Composting Service

The burial industry has remained practically untouched by the advancement of technology and innovation but that is now changing with innovative new ways to bury and use human remains. Recompose is new human remains composting venture that offers an alternative to cremation and conventional burial by offering a method to convert human remains into compost that will nourish plants. This is the very definition of immortality, the remains of your loved one will continue forever nourishing the earth that supports all life on this planet. Dust to dust and earth to earth, this principle is used in the company’s modular system that uses nature’s principles to return bodies to the earth, sequestering carbon and improving soil quality. The company has calculated carbon savings of over one metric ton per person composted. Read more about this amazing process on their website below.
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