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Toyota i-Road the next evolution in urban transport!



Over the coming decade population levels in most of the world’s major urban centers will increase significantly and that foresees a situation where large amounts of people will be crammed into smaller spaces with increased traffic congestion in places that are already congested.  Toyota is positioning itself for this explosion in urban traffic with the i-Road urban transportation concept.  The i-Road is a uniquely new concept in urban transportation that combines the comfort of a car with the convenience of a motorcycle.


The i-Road is designed to be environmentally friendly and is powered by two electric motors with lithium-ion batteries that allow the vehicle to travel up to 31 miles on one charge at a constant speed of 19m/h.  Learning curve is a breeze, if you can drive a car you can drive the i-Road.  Driving the i-Road has been likened to skiing, with the left and right front wheels moving up and down independently synchronized in response to the driver’s steering.  The future of urban transportation is here, and the Toyota i-Road is paving the way.



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