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Supersonic Air Force One


Photo: Exosonic

Looks Like Joe Biden Will Be Flying Around in This Supersonic Air Force One Very Soon!

Air Force One has always been known as the executive transport for the president of the United States. The title has always been held by the Boeing 747, a humongous aircraft fit will all the amenities for a flying white house. The only drawback of the 747 is that it was designed to fly at high-subsonic speeds and the airframe and engines are not capable of sustained supersonic flight. Now a California startup, Exosonic may take the title from Boeing with its supersonic air force one jet. Last September it was revealed that Exosonic was in collaboration with the US Air Force to crate a supersonic jet that would replace or supplement the current subsonic Air Force One.

Exosonic’s low-boom supersonic Mach 1.8 twinjet impressed the Air Force so much, that it was awarded a contract by the Presidential Executive Airlift Directorate to develop a supersonic Air Force One Jet. The aircraft will be able to carry 31-passengers and will be based on Exosonic’s 70-passenger supersonic commercial transport concept. It will not be able to carry as much passengers as the Boeing 747, but will feature the same level of luxury amenities, private suites for work and rest and of course a presidential suite.

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