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Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw

Final Straw Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw

Final Straw Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw

This Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw is Reusable and Protects the Environment!

More than ever environmental conservation is essential to protecting resources and the environment for future generations to enjoy.  One product that has been causing tremendous environmental degradation is plastic, especially plastic bags, cups and straws that we use every time we dine out.  Plastic straws are especially egregious as they can end being ingested by marine animals.  Our inane habits of using plastic straws and tossing them after use has greatly contributed to the environmental degradation we witness around us.  One product, the Final Straw collapsible Straw shows promise in eliminating the plastic straw dilemma if its adopted by more people who are concerned about the environment.

The Solution:

The solution to plastic straws has been to create straws that are reusable and Final Straw has led the way with the Stainless-Steel Collapsible Straw that is reusable and can be carried around easily and conveniently on your keychain in its own portable keychain case.  Final Straw collapsible straw is the original reusable straw, appearing on Shark Tank season 10, and raising $1.89 million on its Kickstarter campaign.

How its Made:

Final Straw reusable straws are 23cm long and 9cm wide which is similar in size to a standard plastic straw.  The difference is one is thrown away destroying the environment while one is washed and reused protecting the environment.  The straw is made of food-grade silicone and food-grade, rust-proof 18/8 304 stainless-steel.  It is compatible with most glasses, mason jars, YETI straw Lids, Corksicle lids, Tervis Straw and Hammer Lids, and other reusable tumblers.  They are easy-to-use, self assembles with no screwing necessary and in a snap, you will have an air-tight straw for your hot or cold beverages.

Convenient Storage:

The collapsible straw is stored in a sexy case that is similar in size to a lighter that can easily be attached to your keychain with the included attachment.  The case is constructed of BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, Prop 65 and CPSIA compliant, post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic.   Cleaning for reuse is a breeze, Final Straw comes with a telescoping cleaning brush that stores in the case for cleaning on the go.  With a swift pull, you have a cleaning brush to scrub each end to get your Final Straw clean for reuse.


Traditional metal straws are rigid and bulky to carry, Final Straw folds up to fit in a case that can attach to your keychain which is an incentive to use it every day. The straw is designed to last a lifetime and for $24.95 you are purchasing a product that is eco-friendly and contributing your part to protecting the environment for future generations.  Final Straw comes in two finishes Rainbow and Silver to fit your style.
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