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Pocket Torch Lighter

pocket torch lighter

pocket torch lighter

The Soto Pocket Torch Lighter turns disposable lighters into a tiny torch!


If you carry around a lighter for lighting up your smoke or for some other reason be sure to have a lighter that will never fail. The Soto Pocket Torch is guaranteed to always light when you need it. Traditional lighters do the job but if you need more reliability and power and safety, the pocket torch is the lighter for you. The 2-chamber lighter turns into a handy torch that creates a giant blue fame that emanates from the side of the chamber which makes it much easier to direct the flame to whatever you need it for.


Impress your friends with this handy lighter attachment that turns your lighter into a blazing torch. This tool from Soto turns lighters into a torch with flame of up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The flame is so powerful it can resist high-wind conditions and excessive cold outdoor temperatures just like a real torch. Its ideal for lighting cigars, cigarettes, stoves, lamps, solder metal and melt snow with its long lasting, wind-resistant flame.

Cost? $19.95

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