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NeXt iFLY Planet-Friendly Safe-Electric Personal eVTOL Air Vehicle


Image: Nextuas

NeXt, a cutting-edge air mobility company, has developed a concept for a personal eVTOL air vehicle for personal use that is safe and affordable. Aptly named iFLY, this brand-new, all-electric personal air vehicle is designed for safe, convenient, and environmentally responsible air transportation within urban areas.

Personal flight has always been the human desire for centuries and Next hopes to bring that desire to reality with its iFLY personal air vehicle. The company promotes iFLY as taking flying to new heights by making it simple and safe for everyone to experience.

iFLY includes eight propellers, each in a protective safety enclosure, eight battery-powered electric motors, and a spacious passenger cabin. The personal air vehicle is controlled by a simple mobile companion software that allows users to tap a map to pick a landing spot using their iOS or Android mobile device’s touchscreen whcih tells the iFLY vehicle to fly autonomously.

Furthermore, the vehicle offers a one-of-a-kind mix of high stability, agility, and destination flexibility, as well as a comprehensive set of integrated safety measures. It has advanced redundant flight control systems and is capable of returning home or landing in a safe place autonomously if the battery reaches a minimum tolerable safe power level.

NeXt was recently granted a patent in the United States for funding iFLY, which has completed extensive successful proof-of-concept flight testing and is seeking financial partners.

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