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GARDENA Smart Robotic Lawnmower

Smart Robotic Lawnmower

Smart Robotic Lawnmower

The GARDENA Smart Robotic Lawnmower Mows Precisely and Quietly!

No more pushing around gas guzzling lawn mowers, the GARDENA smart robotic lawnmower takes care of your lawn effortlessly.  Using the innovative SensorCut system, the robotic lawnmower can accurately mow your lawn to perfection.  It can mow gardens up to 500 square meters, is super quiet and will not disturb you or your neighbors.  It’s so quiet you can barely hear it working and when its done, it automatically returns to the charging station.  Rolling lawns is not a problem, the robotic lawnmower can conquer 25% inclines and move through tight spaces and narrow plant corridors.  Swiveling rear wheels allow the mower to move in any direction to accomplish its task.  A programmable assistant helps you set up a mowing plan during installation and allows you to set the mowing times and more through the smartphone app.
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