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WORX Landroid Unmanned Robotic Lawn Mower



The WORX Landroid Unmanned Robotic Lawn Mower Keeps your Lawn manicured at all times!

With the advancements in robotic technology, one glance at the WORX Landroid Unmanned Robotic Lawn Mower begs the question why isn’t this more common in households across the country. The answer is simple petrol powered human guided lawn mowers are still the choice of many homeowners when it comes to mowing the lawn. However, all that is about to change as the Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower becomes better known and accepted for the quality work it does in mowing your lawn that rivals any gas powered mower. If you like your lawn to be mowed at specific times, the Robotic Lawn Mower can be programmed to mow the lawn at a time of your choosing. You can customize daily mowing schedules so the Landroid can keep your lawn manicured seven days a week.  The Intuitive keypad makes it easy to customize a mowing schedule so your lawn is neatly mowed every day. With the Landroid operating seven days a week keeping your lawn well manicured, no need to worry about noise or smoke pollution upsetting your neighbors. The Landroid is powered by a 28V rechargeable battery with an extremely quiet motor for emission and noise free operation and can be used even late at nights without disturbing your neighbors. Designed to operate on plots up to 10,750 square feet which is far larger than standard home plots, the Landroid is exactly what you are looking for to keep your entire lawn well kept.

How it Works

The Landroid Robotic Mower is a programmable artificial intelligence robot that cannot determine the extent and boundaries of your lawn without a parameter being programmed into it. Since lawn sizes differ significantly there is absolutely no way to program such a feature into a retail product that allows the mower to know automatically the boundaries of every property it is on. To solve this problem, the Landroid comes with a special 590 feet low voltage wire which is safe for pets and people that you place at the boundary or perimeter of your property. The wire can be buried in a shallow trench beneath the ground or installed using the 200 included pegs that secure the wire to the ground and allows grass to grow over the wire. As the Landroid mows your lawn it interacts with the boundary wire to know exactly the extents and boundaries of your property and will mow the lawn precisely up to where the wire has been laid. Though you can set a schedule time when the Landroid mows your lawn, the AI is autonomous and chooses randomly the best paths to mow your lawn without leaving unappealing mowing paths crisscrossing your lawn. The artificial intelligence system allows the mower to make precise cuts and navigate narrow passages around flower beds and can climb slopes up to 20°. The system automatically senses any obstacles in front the mower and mows around it and an adjustable blade feature ensures the grass is always cut to the desired level. When battery life has been expended the mower automatically returns to its staging point for recharging.


Wake up to freshly cut lawn every morning, the Landroid unmanned robotic lawn mower will keep your lawn freshly cut all year round. Its whisper quiet motor allows it to be used at any time even late at nights without disturbing your neighbors. Battery operated and 100% emission free the Landroid is truly the first eco-friendly lawn mower. A built in weather detection feature stops the mower when it detects rain or moisture and automatically restarts it when the grass has dried. A built in highly secure PIN code anti-theft system allows you to program a security PIN number to operate the mower and an alarm if the mower has left its perimeter of operation. If the mower is stolen and removed from outside its perimeter, the alarm is triggered and the system completely shuts down and cannot be restarted without the security PIN. The Landroid is so simple to program even a child can do it, using the Up and Down buttons, you can program the device in no time. There is a start and stop button, a home button and a height adjusting dial to keep pre-programming and custom functions simple. The mowing blades can be flipped and turned to give you four clean cutting edges on each blade. In the event blades are damaged they can be changed in a flash with a simple screwdriver.

What’s Included

The WORX Landroid Unmanned Robotic Lawn Mower comes with everything included to install and operate. The charging base plugs into your standard outlet and recharges the 28V battery in 45 minutes. The 590 feet perimeter wire with 200 installation pegs are included along with 9 replacement blades (3 sets of 3) so you can operate the mower year round. While the price tag is hefty, it pays for itself over time by allowing you the freedom to never have to mow your lawn again and to use the time you would spend doing yard chores on better things of interest to you and your family.

The Cost? $999.99


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