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Bike Tire Pressure Monitoring Device



The FOBO Bike Tire Pressure Monitoring Device monitors tire pressure to ensure safe riding!

We all are aware that correct tire pressure is important to the safe operation of a vehicle but when it comes to high performance sports bikes, correct tire pressure can mean the difference between life and death.  FOBO Bike Tire Pressure Monitoring Device was designed specifically to address this problem by promoting road safety through maintenance of optimal tire pressure.  FOBO Bike is an advanced wireless tire pressure monitoring device that syncs via Bluetooth 4.0 with your android and iOS smartphone.  Connects easily in 5-minutes without the need for professional installation by following the bike app’s simple on-screen instructions and monitors tire pressure up to 600 kPa(87 psi).  The system continues to monitor bike tire pressure even when your bike is turned off to ensure that your tires remain properly inflated even when you are not riding. From your smartphone via an app you can monitor your tire pressure from anywhere round the clock with up to 19 wheels in one app.  Protect yourself when riding with the FOBO Bike Black.

The Cost? $87.44


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