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Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions



Big Coloring Book of Sex Positions – The Art of Coloring Pleasure!

Sex is the one of those topics that we sometimes have a hard time talking about unless we are with our buddies or gal friends at the local hole in the wall.  The big coloring book of sex positions attempts to make the topic of sex more appealing by you color characters engaged in various sex positions.  According to the book, sex sparks our imagination and stimulates our sensations, therefore adding the art of coloring sex positions connects us with something that is fun to do and pleasurable.  The author Morgan Hastings introduces sex to us as an experience not only for sensation but for fun and understanding. The idea is that using a sex coloring book with your hubby, stimulates your creativity so when you engage in the real-thing you know exactly what needs to be done to pleasure each other.

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