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W830 Window Cleaning Robot



Ecovacs WINBOT W830 Window Cleaning Robot leaves your windows shiny and spotless!

Cleaning windows has always been a backbreaking chore but with the WINBOT W830 Window Cleaning Robot there is no need to reach for a squeegee.  Ecovacs, the company responsible for revolutionizing the home robotics category is moving from floor to window cleaning robots and the W830 is set to make it impact on this segment of the market. Thanks to its smart suction fan, the W830 cleans more surface area including vertical, framed, frameless, frosted, filmed or colored glass.  Even horizontal surfaces or windows installed at varying angles is no problem for the W830 robot.


The design is smart, efficient and simple to use with one-touch operation and automatic “N” or “Z” cleaning paths.  Simply place the microfiber cleaning pad on the W830 spritz pad, switch it ON, place it on the window and press start, it’s as simple as that to achieving shiny spotless windows in your home or office. Windows frames are no obstacle for the W830, built in sensors will intelligently identify window edges and other obstacles and automatically stop and reroute the robot around it.  For the price point of $244.99 the window cleaning robot is an affordable addition to your home or office cleaning products that will save you time and money.

The Cost? $244.99


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