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Vertical Waffle Maker


Vertical-Waffle-Maker image on white background, shows the entire machine

The Vertical Waffle Maker Flips Waffle Making Upright!

This is the Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker that looks like a toaster but not exactly.  What sets this apart from other waffle makers is that it stands vertical which saves a lot of countertop space in your kitchen and it has a spout at the top of the machine where you can pour in the waffle batter up to a clearly marked fill line.  The spout is what’s really unique about this design which allows you to pour your waffle batter without creating a mess unlike conventional waffle makers.

All waffle makers have an indicator light to inform you when your waffle batter is cooked and the vertical waffle maker is no different.  Besides the indicator light, Cuisinart has also introduced an audible alarm which we find very convenient in the event you step away while making your waffle and cannot see the indicator light.

In addition, the vertical waffle maker has five different browning levels for those of us waffle lovers who like our waffles different shades of gold. The vertical design makes retrieving your waffle easy and thoughtless by simply swiveling down one side of the machine to the horizontal position and lifting out your waffle from the non-stick coated waffle iron.

The Cost? $51.18


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