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This Eco-Friendly Superyacht Concept is Powered by Solar Sails


Image: Kurt Strand

This environmentally friendly superyacht concept known as “Florida” is a sustainable yacht concept that uses solar sails to power the vessel. Designed by Norwegian superyacht designer Kurt Strand, it’s his latest yacht designs named after the sunshine state with his previous project, a 436-foot vessel known as “Miami.” The “Florida” concept yacht is a 525-foot vessel equipped with the latest technologies and luxury amenities.

The vessel is designed to be carbon neutral, emissions free and able to sail around the world utilizing the power of the sun and wind. On top of its sleek design that looks more like a semi-surfaced submarine, is three carbon-fiber wing masts that each support a 262-foot retractable sail. These are not your garden variety sails found on traditional yachts, each of these three sails is covered with state-of-the-art solar panels that automatically align themselves to capture the sun’s rays.

To better understand how the system works, the sails when deployed utilizes the power of the wind for propulsion. In the event there is no wind, the vessel can switch to solar energy and run on sunshine, that is the propulsion system in a nutshell but its more complicated that our simple explanation. For example, the solar energy collected by the sails is stored in an on-board battery bank to be used in poor weather or when there is no wind. To keep the solar panels absorbing at their optimal, the vessel features a system that washes and polishes the panels every time they are retracted.

Florida can also run on a hydrogen fuel cell system in the event there is no wind or sunshine. The vessel is fitted with hydro-generators that produce power while the yacht is under sail with the energy being stored in the on-board battery bank. This stored energy can be used to power the vessel or to create hydrogen onboard.

The interior of the vessel is decked out with vibrant tropical colors that are fitting for the place its named after. The floors and furniture are all made from recycled materials with synthetic leather, in keeping with its sustainable, no environmental impact theme. There are 12-luxury suites that can accommodate 24 guest, plus cabins for a crew of 40. In addition, a two-story circular lobby and bar sits at the center of the vessel and you can enjoy cocktails at the bar, get in shape at the fitness center or relax and watch a movie at the cinema and spa.

A yacht of this size can hardly not include a helipad which is located on the foredeck. A large swimming pool dots the aft of the vessel with a garage to house your supercar and a beach club. Additionally, a 40-foot electric beach cruiser, an amphibious limousine tender, plus Jet Skis, and off-roaders are all included. The Florida yacht is a concept demonstration of sustainable yacht design fused with technology and luxury.

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