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Smart Bike Helmet

Smart Bike Helmet

Smart Bike Helmet

This Smart Bike Helmet Keeps You Safe and Fashionable!

Technology is playing its part to make biking safe and fashionable at the same time.  With this Smart Bike Helmet, you not only stay safe on the road, but you make a futuristic fashion statement as well.  Wearing a helmet is crucial when biking so why not wear an intelligent helmet that uses technology for additional safety.  The FARO helmet incorporates an LED light strip at the front of the helmet that emits white light to provide maximum visibility to oncoming traffic and to the biker as well.  At the rear of the helmet, there is an automatic brake-light which uses an accelerometer to determine when you are slowing down.  The helmet can also connect to the app for additional features, such as sending SOS alerts or emergency messages in the event of an accident.
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