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Rocket Wave Smart Notebook



The Rocket Wave Smart Notebook lets you share messages with ease!

There are many options for typing and saving notes these days from Evernote to Google Docs and a host of others but what separates the Rocket Wave Smart Notebook from all the other options is the ability to save your handwritten notes, add doodles, side notes, emoticons etc.  If you are the type that really loves to read and write handwritten notes with a pen or pencil and desire to access them from anywhere then this product is for you. This product is an 80-page notebook that looks like a regular notebook but is in a class of its own. It uses a combination of special pages and ink to transfer your handwritten notes to the programs you use or to collaborate your notes with others. The smart notebook also has an app that allows you to scan and access the information you have written on your smartphone in seconds. The book is eco-friendly and unlike regular notebooks that you have to repurchase every time you fill it up, the smart notebook can be reused by simply placing it into your microwave oven, raise the temperature of the ink to 140 F and you have a brand new clean notebook to reuse. The cost will set you back $25.00 which is far more expensive that a $4.00 notebook but the ability to reuse the smart notebook up to five times, its digital capability makes this a worthwhile purchase for those who still love the cursive handwritten notes.

The Cost? $27.00


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