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Retro Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock



Retro Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock wakes you up to the Serenade of Super Mario Theme Song!


Man, for those who grew up in the 80’s what a time it was, great music, great inventions, great movies, no wonder many who grew up in that era are nostalgic for the past.  Now you can relive the glories of the 80’s with the Retro Nintendo Gameboy Alarm Clock.  The popular culture handheld gaming device changed the way games were played and quickly became the Tesla of handheld devices of its time.  Gameboy allowed the gamer to play games on the road, while traveling in the car or in the air or just relaxing at the beach.


The Gameboy alarm clock is an exact replication of the original Gameboy with its off-white body and four direction button pad and the classic A and B buttons along with START and SELECT button.  The only difference the screen has been modified to display an alarm clock with a digital timepiece.  The Gameboy alarm clocks wakes you up to the serenade of Super Mario Bro’s Theme Song which will take you back in time every morning.

The Cost? $44.99

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