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OSIM Predator Gaming Chair X


Image OSIM

OSIM Predator Gaming Chair X Has Massage Rollers for Your Neck & Shoulders to Keep You Gaming Comfortably for Hours!

With the OSIM Predator Gaming Chair X, you can relax while playing comfortably for hours. It has 360-degree massage rollers that target your neck and shoulders for optimal pain relief, so you can play while getting a massage at the same time. The Predator Gaming Chair X, in particular, is designed to mimic the techniques and versatility of a masseuse’s hands to ease back pressure and low back pain.  the rollers glide and press over the lumbar spine for maximum pain and tension relief.

The rollers are suitable for all body heights, with three different shoulder positions to pick from. Furthermore, the two built-in premium speakers have excellent sound clarity, allowing you to hear everything in your game. The seats recline up to 145°, allowing you to achieve your perfect comfort angle. With this gaming chair you will relax and game in comfort which will improve your efficiency and you may find yourself winning more often.

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