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Laser Pain Relieving Device

Pain Relieving Device on shoulders

Pain Relieving Device on shoulders

This Laser Pain Relieving Device Uses Red Light Therapy to Relieve Pain!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to treat pains in any area of your body at the same time? This amazing laser pain relieving device uses red light therapy to relieve pain in your back, foot, neck, shoulders, wrists, knees or anywhere in your body.  The device utilizes advanced low-level cold laser therapy (LLLT) technology that stimulates healing of body tissues and causes regeneration and relief from pain.  Its non-invasive, non-sticky as with conventional pain relief creams and ointments and best of all it has no adverse side-effects.  Wearable, compact, rechargeable, and easy to use, the laser pain reliever is your personal masseuse on the go.  Simply place the small electronic disc on the area of your pain and go about your daily activities.  It offers three modes of therapy, light therapy only, light therapy + vibration and light therapy + rhythmic vibration.  The package includes everything you need, one IASO light therapy device, 20 adhesive patches, accessory band, and USB charging cable.
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