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Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil

Titanium Multi Utensil

Titanium Multi Utensil

The Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil Can be Used for a Variety of Outdoor Tasks!


If you are a prepper the Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil is one of those tools you would want to add to your bug out bag.  However, you don’t have to be a prepper to see the value in this multi tool utensil, if you enjoy the great outdoors this is a must have tool for your campsite.  It saves tons of space in your packing by combining ten utensils in one small compact package that can fit in your shirt pocket.


Made from Aerospace grade titanium, you don’t have to worry about this tool breaking or bending on anything.  The Muncher titanium multi utensil weighs less than an ounce and features a spork, serrated butter knife, can opener, bottle opener, peeler, fire starter, cord cutter, pry-bar, box cutter, and flathead screwdriver all in one small lightweight tool.


Use the multi-utensil in a variety of ways from peeling, to opening cans.  This is the only multi-tool utensil you will need at your campsite.  The tool comes in a Hypalon pouch with a carabiner to keep it nicely polished and protected when not in use.

Cost? $49.99

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