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Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

This Galvanized Steel Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer Keeps All Your Tools in One Place!

If you are handyman or DIY enthusiast, then you must possess a lot of tools.  Keeping all those tools organized and easy to access when needed can be a chore in itself.  This galvanized steel pegboard tool organizer will keep all your tools well organized in one place.  No more fumbling through tool-boxes, storage cabinets or storage bags for essential tools, with this pegboard all your tools are neatly arranged for easy access.  Wall control’s metal pegboard panel accepts conventional ¼ inch pegboard pegs in addition to the more secure slotted pegboard pegs for hanging heavier items.  It’s over ten times stronger than conventional pegboards and can hold heavier tools than the rest.  Accepts slotted, stable, secure hooks, brackets, and shelves.  Made of galvanized rust-resistant steel with pegboard holes that will not wear.  The metal pegboard tool organizer comes with mounting hardware included and can be mounted directly into studs or sheet rock with no framing required.
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