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Elroy Passenger Drones



Elroy Passenger Drones – The future of urban transportation!


It’s only a matter of time before you will be hopping into a drone for a trek across the city to your next business meeting.  The Elroy passenger drone is looking to make this a reality by making your daily commute less stressful and more enjoyable.

Elroy Drones are the next generation of personal transportation drones and are ideal for operating in densely populated urban areas.  These drones are the environmentally friendly solution to long commutes, rising traffic congestion and increasing fuel prices in heavily populated urban centers.

The Elroy passenger drones are powered by all electric high-performance electric motors designed to run quietly, fluidly and completely emission free.  They require no gearboxes, water-cooling systems or aerodynamic steering flaps.  Communication is achieved through fiber optic technology that allows for fast and efficient data transmission between various mechanical components which ultimately reduces overall aircraft weight and magnetic interference.

Flight control is achieved through a custom-designed touch flight control system that allows you to simply put in your destination on the touchscreen and you will be up in the air in within minutes of entering the drone.  While in the air, you can sit back and enjoy the amazing views from inside the vehicle’s carbon body sleek design with large windows for maximum outdoor visibility.


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