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CityHawk eVTOL Flying Car

CityHawk VTOL Flying Car

CityHawk VTOL Flying Car

CityHawk eVTOL Flying Car is an electric VTOL aircraft for urban and intercity transportation. Developed by Metro Skyways, a subsidiary of Israeli aerospace company Urban Aeronautics, CityHawk is the company’s flagship Fancraft model. With the vast majority of the world’s population living in urban centers in the near future, CityHawk flying car will change the way we commute across cities.


This futuristic vehicle will come in an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) version, powered by hydrogen which according to the company is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. Fancraft which will be used to achieve lift is a technology the company has been developing over the last several years. It allows a vehicle the size of a car and that can carry the same amount of passengers but can fly with no exposed rotors. The rotors or fans are enclosed within the vehicle, providing safe operation in urban areas and can take-off and land virtually anywhere in all weather conditions.


It can accommodate six passengers comfortably in a cabin that is 50% larger than a helicopter. Current versions of the aircraft are designed to use hybrid propulsion, a conventional turbine engine powered by jet fuel.  The futuristic version the company envisions will operate exclusively on Hydrogen which can be produced using solar and wind power. Unlike batteries, hydrogen fuel cells do not have limited life cycle, neither do they generate toxic waste, which makes it ideal for passing tough urban environmental regulations.
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