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CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

Portable Movie Theater

Portable Movie Theater

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater Turns Any Location into a Private Theater!

The CINEMOOD portable movie theater turns any location into a private theater.  This mini portable movie projector allows you to access Disney, Netflix and Amazon Prime content and stream it on any wall anywhere you go.  In addition to streaming your favorite programs, the portable movie theater projector includes a 120 hours of child friendly entertainment content like 40 Disney e-books, 75+ episodes of other fun cartoons and 25 short videos and cartoons you can stream while on road trips, school getaways etc.  The mini projector weighs only 0.5 lbs and measures a mere 3″ with easy directional button controls.  It can be used up to 12-feet from any surface for a clear crisp image.  The portable movie theater is the perfect travel companion with up to 5 hours of rechargeable battery life and no connection to a computer, phone or wall outlet needed.  It’s perfect for road trips, car rides, airplane trips, camping, backyard parties and outdoor summer movie nights.
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