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Battery Organizer Tester



The Battery Organizer Tester keeps your Batteries organized and ready to use!

Next time your remote stops working because of a dead battery, stop fidgeting around trying to find a spare battery. With the Battery Organizer Tester you can organize all your batteries in one convenient space and test them when ready to use.  The battery organizer has the perfect 2-in-1 solution, a handy organizer with a multi-functional tester.  The organizer holds up to 70 batteries; 8 D size, 10 C size, 9 9-volt, 26 AA size, 10 AAA size and 9 button/coin cells.  Use the tester to test battery strength based on the illuminated light on the tester, 3 lights red, yellow and green indicate battery is good; red and yellow lights alone indicate battery is weak; only red light on indicate battery is  very low and can barely function; no light indicate battery is completely dead. The tester offers 3-ports to test various types of batteries: port a: 3v button cells, port b: AA, AAA, C and D batteries, port C: 9v rectangular batteries.  The battery organizer tester can be hung on a wall which is not recommended or placed on a flat surface.

The Cost? $12.49

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