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Xpeng’s New Robotic Unicorn Could Become Your Child’s Best Friend


Image: Xpeng

Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng is targeting the younger generation with its robotic unicorn. If adults can have robotic maids and robotic partners why not your child having a robotic unicorn that he or she can actually ride around on. The ‘Little White Dragon” as it is being called by the South China Morning Post will be equipped with artificial intelligence that will allow it to maneuver autonomously, navigate indoor and outdoor terrains and recognize people, animals and objects. It will also be able to provide your child with intelligent, emotional interaction.

The old saying a dog is a man’s best friend takes on a different meaning in the 21st century with a robotic unicorn becoming your child’s best friend. Although, it’s currently only a concept and no information has been released on when or if it will go into production or how much the unit will costs, Xpeng hopes that with enough interest, it will become the first intelligent robotic friend for your children.

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