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Wooden Clutch Lunch Box



The Wooden Clutch Lunch Box is the perfect lunch box for healthy eating!


I really liked this wooden clutch lunch box. It comes in a neutral color so I don’t have to be conscious if it matches my bag and other accessories. Its purse like lunch box design is unique so I don’t have to worry about spotting someone using the same container. I also love the convenience, as it comes complete with a  matching spoon and fork.


It is very handy too. The size is not too big nor is it too small. It fits perfectly in one hand or it could easily slide inside my tote. It is so chic I won’t even mind carrying this around as-is and it has even become a conversation starter.


The only problem I think I’ll have with it is that  I have to be careful with the type of food to put it in. I haven’t tested if its spill-proof as I’ve only packed salads and snacks with it. And, this is only good for a small to medium-meal. If you’re the type to carry around huge meals then either you have to bring two, or just find a bigger lunch box. Overall, I’m satisfied. I’m torn between giving this away as a gift – as am the type to share my pleasant finds online, or keep this treasure to myself for now and enjoy being the first in my office to have it.


I’ve never found similar wooden bento boxes that is both pretty and functional. Before, I used to eat fast so I won’t be caught eating a cocky food ware in the pantry. Now, I honestly revel at the attention whenever they notice my chic bento box. The price may appear unfriendly but trust me its worth it. Also it helps to avoid future plastic waste from me at least.

Cost? $69.00

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