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Visu-Temp Shower Fixture



The Visu-Temp Shower Fixture for the perfect shower every morning!

The success of your day may not depend on how many hours of sleep you had but on how good is your morning shower. Your morning shower is one of the most important showers you will take during the day because it revitalizes your body and the warmth and pressure of the water increases blood flow to muscles and gets you prepared to face the day head on. However, if you are using a conventional fixture, you just may be lacking the best shower experience of your life. The Visu-Temp shower fixture solves this problem with a fixture that is specifically designed to give you the best shower experience with a built-in easy to read display and a thermometer that will let you set the exact water temperature. You will be able to not only set the temperature but also the water pressure with a pressure-balancing valve installed behind the wall that will cut off water flow if there is a loss of hot or cold water. Once you have found the perfect setting of temperature and pressure, you can use the adjustable stop screw to limit the handle turn so you get the same setting every time you shower.  With a whopping cost of $407.00 this is not a cheap fixture and you will have to spend more to hire a professional to install it in your bathroom.

The Cost? $406.52


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