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Touch-Free Brass Stylus

Touch-Free Brass Stylus Door Opener

Touch-Free Brass Stylus Door Opener

This Touch-Free Brass Stylus let You Avoid Touching Any Surface!

With everyone hesitant to touch surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs, Checkout machines, etc. this touch-free brass stylus will come in very useful.  It will prevent you from having to touch any surface while you go about your daily activities.  Invented by New York based company StatGear which specializes in manufacturing survival and rescue gear, this amazing brass stylus is made of solid brass material which is recyclable and inherently antimicrobial.  The tool is designed to open doors, push elevator buttons, sign for purchases, move chairs, flush toilets, carry grocery bags and more.  It’s made in the USA and the complete versatile solution to avoid touching surfaces that may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses.  Best of all, its small enough to carry on your key chain.
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