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Suntory Yamazaki’s 55-Year Old Single Malt Whisky Sells for $60,000


Image: Suntory

Suntory, Japan’s largest whisky maker just released its new Yamazaki 55-year old single malt whisky that will set you back $60,000 per bottle. Considered the father of Japanese whisky, Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii first distilled single malt whisky in 1960 which was aged mostly in mizunara oak casks. Between 1961 and 1964, the second and third single malts were distilled respectively by Suntory’s then master blender Keizo Saji and aged in American white oak.

This trio of whisky from different ages were blended in 2020 by Shingo Torii, the grandson of founder Shinjiro Torii and the company’s current master blender. That is the life story of the Yamazaki 55, a lively, vibrant blend which bursts with aroma of gooey, ripe mango and sandalwood with a deep amber color.

The Yamazaki 55 will be shipped in a box made of Japanese mizunara wood coated in Suruga lacquer, with the Yamazaki name etched in sand-blasted calligraphy with gold dust and lacquer. Traditional Japanese crafts like washi paper and a Kyo-kumihimo plaited chain from Kyoto, where Yamazaki is situated, are also included on the bottle’s opening.

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