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Steel I-Beam Side Table

Steel I-Beam Side Table

Steel I-Beam Side Table

This Steel I-Beam Side Table Brings the Beauty and Ruggedness of the Steel Beam into Your Home!

You will appreciate why steel I-Beam form is one of the most lovely and structurally sound forms in engineering if you’ve ever worked in building and structural design. With that said, this modern piece of furniture will look great in your living room or man’s cave.  Now you can enjoy this Steel I-Beam shaped side table by contemporary designer John Birch in your home or office. With steel I-Beams supporting some of the world’s highest constructions, this steel I-Beam furniture will have no issue supporting your table lamp, coffee or anything you put on it. It is the type of furniture that will accentuate your living room or man’s cave and will certainly inquire questions.

Cost? $795.00


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