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Sprout Pencil



The Sprout Pencil is the world’s first pencil that grows on a tree!

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees but who would have thought that pencils would.  The Sprout pencil is a revolutionary eco-friendly substitute for the environmentally unfriendly wood and lead pencil.  Traditional wood and lead pencils once sharpened down to a stub serve no further use and ends up being thrown away.  Even though it cost pennies to make a traditional wood and lead pencil, it is nonetheless a waste of money and valuable resources.  Sprout World created a unique solution to combat pencil waste with a water activated seed capsule that can be replanted and used over and over again.  After using the sprouted pencil simply replant it when it becomes too short to use.  Press the green end into the soil, covering only the capsule. Ensure that the area where it is planted receives lots of sunlight.  Water your Sprout in order to activate the seed capsule and begin the seed’s germination.  Continue to water every day and watch the Sprout transform from a herb into a writing utensil.

The Cost? $17.95


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