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SpiceStack Spice Organizer



The SpiceStack Spice Organizer organizes all your spices in one easy to access cabinet!

One of the most annoying things is preparing your favorite meal and having to search your cabinets for spices and seasonings to give your food just the right taste.  The YouCopia SpiceStack spice organizer with universal drawers stores and organizes all your spices and seasoning in one easy to access place. Store all your herbs in the 30-bottle organizers that will fit snuggly inside your cabinet for easy access.


Don’t use a lot of herbs and spices? Then purchase the organizer in 12, 18 or 24 bottle storage size.  Regardless, if your spices come in round or square bottles, the organizer will hold both full round, half round, square or semi square spice bottles in easy to access fold-down drawers.  Each drawer when pulled out tilts down at a 60-degree angle without separating from the base unit for easy viewing of your spices.


SpiceStack also includes pre-printed and blank drawer labels for organizing all your spices and seasonings. Each sticker label can be placed at the front of the drawers to label which spice are in that drawer.  If you are a master chef or restaurant owner using a large variety of spices, the SpiceStack organizer can be stacked to accommodate all your spices in one easy to access location.

The Cost? $38.92


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