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Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle

Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle

Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle

This Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Could Become the Future of Transportation!

Electric vehicles are fast becoming common place but what about solar-powered electric vehicles? If this company has its way, solar-powered electric vehicles could become the primary mode of transportation in the near future.  The Aptera solar-powered electric vehicle is a future-car concept designed to showcase the environmental impact and efficiency of using solar powered cells to recharge electric batteries.  Taking into consideration the cost of commuting everyday with fuel burning vehicles and the environmental impact, the company set out to create a model based on efficiency and safety.  While the design of these solar powered cars may not be appealing to some, the design emphasizes its solar powered nature by covering most of the exterior surface with solar cells.  The vehicle is made with superior quality aerospace composite materials that reduces weight while increasing drive time.  An unprecedented level of passenger safety makes this vehicle one of the safest on the road.  So, when you purchase one of these if it becomes mainstream you will rest assured knowing that you are driving one of the safest, and most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.
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