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Shellfish-Inspired Luxury Hotel Blends Seamlessly into the Natural Environment


Image: Nudibranch

Nature inspired designs not only are compelling to behold but blend seamlessly into the natural environment. The Nudibranch Hotel is one such project that is a shellfish-inspired luxury hotel that blends seamlessly into the natural environment. The hotel’s shell-like facade with tentacles that stretch out in different directions creates a slinky like design that is simply stunning to behold.

Inspired and named after a species of soft-bodied gastropod mollusks known as Nudibranch, the hotel’s design comprises of a glass facade and lawn-covered public spaces. The two shells are the hotel’s main buildings while the rest of the hotel surrounds the two shells forming lawns and pathways. The signature tentacles forms the entrances and exit roads cutting through the surrounding vegetation creating a sort of concealed approach to the structure.

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