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Spinning Floating Luxury Resort

Spinning Floating Luxury Resort

Spinning Floating Luxury Resort

Photo: Hayriatak

This Floating luxury Resort Will Spin to Generate Electricity!

The Middle East is known for ultra-luxurious projects and this Floating Luxury Resort planned to be built in Qatar is no exception. This project designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) is the latest luxury project in Qatar.  It is named Eco-Floating Hotel and features a 152 room floating hotel that promises to combine both supreme luxury and sustainability. The hotel itself will rotate as it floats on the water at a very low rate of rotation that will be virtually unnoticeable to guests and would take 24-hours to complete one revolution. The rotation of the hotel along with solar, and tidal energy generates electricity and will make this hotel one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly on the planet.

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