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Stainless-Steel Piggy Bank

Sealed Stainless-Steel Piggy Bank

Sealed Stainless-Steel Piggy Bank

This Fully Sealed Stainless-Steel Piggy Bank Helps You Achieve Your Savings Goals!

Save money the high-tech way with the Sealed Stainless-Steel piggy bank. There is no excuse for removing money from this piggy bank because when you put your money in this bank you can’t touch it. There is no back door on this 6-sided vault that keeps your financial goals in check. No combination lock or hidden hole to siphon out your money. The only way to access your cash is to grab a hammer and break the damn thing apart. That should be motivation enough to leave it alone but keep feeding it with cash so when the time is right to crack it open, you will have a substantial wad in there. The Lusen sealed stainless-steel piggy bank measures 5.9”x5.9” in a perfect cute and is said to be able to hold up to 700 bills.
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