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Satechi Aluminum Magnetic Car Vent Mount



The Satechi Aluminum Magnetic Car Vent Mount keeps your smartphone sturdy and secure!

Safely mount your smartphone to your car’s dashboard with the Satechi Aluminum Magnetic Car Vent Mount.  The sturdy, sleek magnetic holding device will keep your Smartphone secure and stable to allow you to focus on driving safely.  The Magnet vent mount is easy to use by simply placing it on the inside of your smartphone case and attaching the magnetic clip to your car’s air vent.  No need to worry, the device will not damage your air vents.  The magnet is strong enough to ensure your device remains attached even when driving on bumpy uneven surfaces.   Enjoy hands free access to your Smartphone and drive safely with the Magnetic Vent Mount from Satechi.

The Cost? $14.99


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