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Samsung 49” QLED Curved Gaming Monitor



Samsung 49” QLED Curved Gaming Monitor – Experience gaming like never before!


The Samsung 49” QLED Curved Gaming Monitor lets you experience the power of gaming like you have never experienced it before.  This ultra-wide, ultra large curved screen gaming monitor will send the compulsive gamer giddy with excitement when they experience this marvel of technological innovation.  With 32:9 aspect ratio and quantum dot technology, game scenes come alive with stunning realism and clarity so you can clearly see every corner or crevice the enemy is hiding if you are immersed in a first-person shooter.  For darker gaming backgrounds, the monitor features support for high dynamic range (HDR) environments so dark areas are darker and bright areas are brighter.


The super fast 144 Hz screen refresh rate minimizes lag time and motion blur allowing you to experience ultra-smooth glitch free gaming.  Samsung has thrown together everything the gamer would need in a curved monitor from user-friendly settings that lets the user adjust and optimize performance to an audio-aligned arena lighting at the back of the monitor that illuminates brighter as the game’s sound increases.  The Samsung QLED gaming monitor provides and extreme upgrade in gaming experience for those who can afford its exorbitant price tag.

The Cost? $1,499.99


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