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Refrigerator Door Lock

Refrigerator Door Lock

Refrigerator Door Lock

The Refrigerator Door Lock Keeps Prying Hands Out of Your Refrigerator!

There are only a few reasons why you would want to lock your refrigerator door and that is if you live with pesky roommates who are always eating and drinking your stuff or you have curious kids who like to dive into the fridge a little too often.  The refrigerator door lock solves the above problems by locking your refrigerator door with a key.  It easily installs without any drilling or damage to your refrigerator and requires no tools to install.  It attaches to your refrigerator door using a super-strong 3M adhesive and uses a heavy-duty steel plate and aircraft grade cables that connect to the two plates.  When the device is unlocked, the cables retract, and the refrigerator door can be opened.  The refrigerator lock can also be used to lock your freezer, filing cabinets, printer drawers, cabinet drawers, medicine cabinets, security safes and more.
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