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Reevo The Hubless E-Bike

Reevo The Hubless E-Bike

Reevo The Hubless E-Bike

Electric bikes are taking the world by storm and this futuristic looking Reevo the Hubless E-bike with spokeless wheels is in a class by itself.  Not only does it look unlike any bike we have seen, but it has an appeal that is out of this world. It’s spokless wheels with no hub is an expression of modern engineering technology fused with incredible design. In addition to its design, hub and spokeless wheels, this bike features loads of safety features to keep you safe on the road.


The Reevo E-bike was created by a team of engineers from a startup known as “Be Innovative” a company known for its innovative electric bike designs. The team spent four years designing this masterpiece and testing multiple prototypes of hubless wheels before perfecting the current design. With the amount of money you will be spending on this bike, you definitely want it to have some security features that would prevent theft.

Reevo has built-in some amazing anti-theft features into the bike, triple barrier anti-theft system with biometric, fingerprint activation lock, GPS tracking, motion detection and an integrated lock built into the frame itself. All these security features makes this bike virtually theft proof. For propulsion, Reevo the Hubless E-bike features a 750 watt motor for US buyers and a 250 watt motor for buyers in the EU. Both feature throttle and pedal assist and will reach maximum speed of up to 25 mph.
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