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UPQ me01 Folding Electric Bike



The UPQ me01 Folding Electric Bike – Compact, Fast, Eco-Friendly Transport!

Enjoy all the fun of owning a bike without the expenses of fuel and maintenance with the UPQ me01 Folding Electric Bike.  This ultra-lightweight bike runs completely on electricity and can fold up into a compact size for easy transport and storage.  Designed and created by Tokyo-based start-up UPQ to meet the increasing demand for electric cars and bikes in Japan, the fuel and emissions free bike is now available in United States.  If you want to ride one of these with your hubby you will just have to get two because this is a solo rider’s bike ideally suited for one rider.  The Navy Blue UPQ me01 includes a digital monitor recording your data, a four-gear shifter, and a USB port for you to plug in your Smartphone or Tablet.  The bike is also designed for you to attach an action sports camera, allowing you to record thrilling shots as you ride around town. Powered by a rechargeable 36V/316.8Wh lithium ion battery and takes around 3.5 hours to fully charge.

The Cost? $2,015.00

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