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Preacher Portable Automatic Beer Foamer!

Portable-Automatic-Beer-Foamer with canned beers

Portable-Automatic-Beer-Foamer with canned beers

Enjoy Draft Quality Beer with the Preacher Portable Automatic Beer Foamer!

There is nothing like enjoying the taste of smooth draft beer but unless you are sitting in a bar or have a draft machine in your home you cannot enjoy draft beer as you wish.  The Preacher Portable Automatic Beer Foamer is the beer growler’s toy of choice.  The machine converts a canned beer into fresh draught beer with the taste to match.  Ever wish you could get that smooth straight-from-the-keg taste from your canned beer at home or on the go? The Preacher Beer Foamer promises to turn your canned beer into delicious draft quality beer in no time.  Simply fix the automatic beer Foamer to the top of your can, turn it on and let it turn your canned beer into something that tastes just like it was poured straight from the draft dispenser.  The portable and compact design makes it easy to store anywhere around your home.  Take the Foamer wherever you go and use 2-AA batteries (not included) to enjoy foamed beer wherever you develop the taste.  With the Preacher Beer Foamer, draft quality beer doesn’t have to be enjoyed only in a bar.

The Cost? $29.99


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