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Portable LED Solar Lantern



The Solight Portable LED Solar Lantern is an Eco-friendly solar lantern in its truest form!

When it comes to saving the environment, anything that is green, Eco-friendly and energy efficient should be at the forefront of protecting the environment for future generations to inhabit. The Solight portable compact LED solar lantern is at the forefront of innovation with a solar powered, self-inflating lantern that is durable, flexible and waterproof.  Made of hybrid PET sailcloth, the lantern is the lightest solar lantern on the market that can float on water and emits a delightful dispersion of light to illuminate your campsite party or backyard gathering.  Available in two color-changing modes, white light for the simple outdoor gathering of friends for tea or color-changing with six colors, red, green, blue, yellow, white and pink LED’s for the wild backyard dorm parties.  For storage, the lantern can be folded easily like an origami balloon.  When needed simply retrieve and pull up and watch it pop open to a cube of light. Solight is the most efficient solar energy lantern on the market with zero carbon footprint and long-term energy efficiency.  An 8-hour charge in the sunlight will give between 8-12 hours or brilliant light. Weighs only 2.6 ounces and packs flat to 0.25-inches thin for easy storage.

The Cost? $295.00


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