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Pocket-Sized Emergency Water Filter

Emergency Water Filter

Emergency Water Filter

This Pocket-Sized Emergency Water Filter may Save Your Life in an Emergency Situation!

Prepare for an emergency where you cannot access clean water with this pocket-sized emergency water filter.  This is just the tool you may need to save your life if you find yourself outdoors with not access to clean water.  This remarkable pocket-sized filter filters stream or lake water while hiking, camping, or travel.  It’s simple to use and you can learn it in seconds, simply insert the hose end into a stream or source of water and squeeze the filter with your hand and pure filtered water comes out the other end ready to drink. You can drink directly from the spout or fill your water bottle.  It’s ultralightweight, only five ounces and compact enough to store away in your camping, hiking or bugout bags.  It’s rated 99% effective at filtering bacteria, protozoa and other particulates.
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