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PancakeBot Pancake Printing Machine

pancake printing machine

pancake printing machine

The PancakeBot Pancake Printing Machine lets you design the shape of your favorite pancake!

If you like your pancakes customized and shaped like the Eiffel tower or any shape you prefer then the PancakeBot Pancake Printing Machine is the perfect investment. The PancakeBot is the world’s first spectacular pancake printer capable of automatically dispensing pancake batter directly onto a griddle in the shape of your choosing.  You can design your very own pancake shape using the included free software or choose from a litany of premade designs from  Perfect for kids, the PancakeBot helps kids and adults explore technology through food.  With the PancakeBot you can print out pancake designs in virtually any shape you like and is both a fun and easy to use in the comfort of your home.  The process is simple and easy, simply draw your pancake design with the pancake-painter software save it to your SD card and insert the SD card into the PancakeBot.  Using the simple interface choose your design from your SD card, pause and restart while printing and even adjust the pressure of the dispenser to perfect your pancake design.  If using one of the premade designs, choose a design from the website, load to your SD card and repeat the process.  The PancakeBot can be conveniently disassembled for storage and the batter dispenser bottle and griddle can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Cost? $259.99


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